Do you need Spanish Number Plates ? Our team of professionals knows the ins and outs of the car registration process in Spain, and can navigate the official forms and requirements to place Spanish number plates on your car extremely fast.

Our Spanish car registration service saves you time and money. Just keeping in touch with our team by phone is enough. We`ll have yourSpanish number plates ready fast and you will not need to do anything more than gives us the basic documents that are needed for the registration process. We can get Spanish number plates for any type of car in any region of Spain. Just contact us for more details.


Holmes Car Registration Service provides:

➲ Fast service.
➲ Free consultation and advice.
➲ Access to a multilingual staff that speaks 7 languages.
➲ Excellent legal advisors.

We also have

➲ Excellent ties with the registration office in each Spanish area.
➲ The experience of getting Spanish number plates for almost 30.000 cars.
➲ Great advice for you.

Obtaining Spanish Number Plates by yourself

Getting the Spanish number plates by yourself becomes a hassle if you don`t know the local law, how the registration process works and especially if you are not familiar with the local language. It`s sometimes hard even for a local, and it can take several weeks if it is not done properly.

Our field agents are specialized in getting Spanish number plates in any region of Spain. They have excellent connections with local authorities, know the process by heart and know perfectly legal shortcuts that help them get you the desired number plates in 2 days.

Our services are for everyone and you can easily keep in touch with us as we speak English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French and Spanish and are always available on the phone or by email.

Save yourself the wasted time and the trouble of registering your car by yourself. Contact our team of professionals and get it done in 2 days. Get your documents straight and start driving in Spain with your brand new Spanish number plates. Contact us today!